A bit of MoCap to throw out there…

We’re continuing to work on the final touches for our Gen3 GoMotion sensors, hub and software which we expect to release in August of 2019!

In our quest to test performance during high impact activities, we dropped by our neighbors at the Kodai No Bushido Dojo to have them put our system to the test. After a tiring routine of grabs, chops, kicks and throws, we got what we came forβ€” A solid workout for our sensors and a pretty cool capture. Special thanks to Sensei Nancy Bigham and Sensei Jerold Kunzman!

Thanks for the love at GDC 2019!

Kobe demo-ing our latest GoMotion Motion Capture system

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GDC 2019 was amazing!

Each day of the show, we had dozens of people swarming our booth to learn more about our new, affordable motion capture system. And we’re so thankful that so many of you were excited enough to pre-order! We’re looking forward to shipping our first orders in a few short months.

For those of you who couldn’t see us at GDC 2019, here are a few more pictures from the show.

Come see us at GDC 2019!

Booth #P1829, Central Hall behind Google.

CEO Allan shows our kid’s animation video

Hard to believe it’s already been a year. 12 months ago, we announced ourselves to the world with our first GDC booth. This year, we’ve got a lot more to show!

This year, we’ll be demoing our most advanced motion capture system yet. You’ll get to see our new sensors, hub and charging bay in action as we run through ways you can use our system for game development, 3D animation or your latest VR extravaganza.

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A few more pictures from last year’s Gaming Developer Conference

Lively discussions…
Various demos from terminators in alien landscapes to dueling avatars.
Discussions with animators
Motion tracking with objects
Two Player VR game called Brainwall using full body motion capture input.